Cell Therapy, A Step in the Future of Medicne !

When Dr. Alexis Carrel (Nobel Prize Laureate for Medicine 1912) found that his cell cultures were becoming old and at the point of dying, he would add fresh cells; these cultures were «revitalized» and started again to grow. Dr. Carrel proved that fetal or juvenile cells contain the capacity to grow and have a potent regenerative factor on older cells.


In the past century, Cell Therapy has been the secret formula for the European Royalties and affluent to maintain their youth at prime condition! Being very popular in Europe, the meaning of cell therapy is the injection of young cells. Though injection, the energy from the young cells will transfer to aging cells, physicians refer this process to be similar as organ transplant, for revitalize the aging cells.

The fundamental discovery of Prof Dr. Paul Niehans was to show that a young cell could transmit its energy to an ageing cell, thus resulting in a revitalisation and extension of its biological cycle. . He discovered that a young cell is capable of making its biological strength available to an ageing one, successfully Revitalising and extending youth, thus obtaining spectacula r results. The method consists of implanting cell extracts of mammals selected for their bio-logical value, which modulate the immune system and thus improve the function of certain specific organs and enhance the vitality of the entire organism.

The methods include implanted cells or inject active ingredient extracted from mammal cells. The basic principle is using living cells with active properties to stimulate aging cells, thus increase the proportion of young cells, and ultimate revitalize the organs. This revolutionary medical findings show that not only can the therapy inhibit the aging process, it can also regulate and strengthen the Immune system for the human organs. Overall body functions will improve once the organs become strengthen, and vitality will reappear. Also, the safety of using Cell Therapy has been approved. In the past 80 years that has not been any side effects or complications noticed.

The Effectiveness of Cell Therapy   :

One of the most appreciated effect of the cell therapy by patients, is the increase of the general vitality.   They could prove the revitalizing effect while  observing the following different alterations :