The Second Chance of Life

Cell therapy opens a new dimension to standard medicine, recording spectacular results in the treatment of a wide range of chronical diseases, Cancer & Anti-age. 

Dr. Paul Niehans Laboratories Anti-aging Center Germany both inherit Prof. Dr. Paul Niehans’ Cell therapy medical and spiritual legacy, as well as Prof. Dr. Albert Landsberger’s modern Cell therapy advances (i.e. a combination of Cell Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy). Effective health and youthful benefits are pursued by countless people. We offer anti-aging treatments that are tailor made to the need of each individual. 

Cell therapy is a treatment that uses functional cells of sheep fetuses. Lyophilizedcells are suspended in an intramuscular-injectables olution.These sterile preparations greatly improve the functional ability of specific organs and the overall biological functions. 

The cell therapy is specifically used to treat those conditions related to diminished organ performance: heart cells to revitalize the heart, liver cells to the liver, kidney cells to the kidneys, etc. Therapy with lyophilized cells is a reconstruction treatment, not one of those stimulating treatments that improve the patients in a first state, but later weaken him/her even more. Its curative effect can last for years, usually one to five depending on the severity of the condition and the patient’s exposure to the environment and stress. Very rarely it is needed to re-treat after half a year has passed. The therapeutic effect often manifests itself after five days on active patients, and after some weeks in other cases, resulting in a reduction of the disease’s symptoms and an improvement in physical and mental performance. 

Mrs. Stephanie Dreyer (Chief Medical Director) , a long time associate of Prof. Dr. Albert Landsberger, brings to each patient her over 25 years cell therapy experience.

Mr. Michel Schipoff

Chairman & CEO of 
Dr. Paul Niehans Medical Group

Mrs. Stephanie Dreyer

Clinic Chairwoman & 
Chief Medical Director

Mr. Dominik Dreyer

Vice President of 
Paul Niehans Laboratories

Exclusive Dr. Paul Niehans Laboratories Anti-aging Center

The Anti-aging Center offers top class medical care along with the highest standards of comfort and service: a combination of the highest standard of cell therapy medical services and a five stars hotel accommodation delivering the highest level of comfort, service, cuisine and rest.
Our professional medical and paramedical team will offer you a complete range of services to help you fight the effects of aging, revitalize your body and improve your feeling of wellness.
An unique, professional, personalized service to men and women who want to safely and effectively enhance their health in an professional and safe environment.

A Comfortable And Luxury Accommodations

A 5 Stars hotel accommodation experience to relax and enjoy. Each of our luxury rooms or suite is decorated in a different and unique style. A true haven of peace and the ideal place to recharge in a Beautiful and quiet environment. The Paul Niehans Anti-aging Center is located less than one hour From FrankfurtInternational Airport, in the beautiful Rhein region.

Paul Niehans Medical SPA

Paul Niehans Medical SPA provides optimum approach to individualized skincare programme of patient . The fundamental discovery of Paul Niehans was to show that a young cell could transmit its energy to an ageing cell, thus resulting in a revitalisation and extension of its biological cycle. The cellular revitalisation treatments of Professor Paul Niehans applied to skin care routine allow spectacular results.