The most leading and prestige clinic in offering cellular therapy treatment in the world.

The number of diseases that respond favorably to the cell therapy is very large. We can use 41 freeze dried cell preparations separately or as pre-mixtures, thus multiplying the possibilities of injections accordingly. Not a single disease is limited to only one organ . We therefore need to treat several organs to fight one sickness. Therefore, it is not enough to perform a single injection . The Doctor must find the right combination of several preparations.

The Effectiveness of Cell Therapy

The field of application of the Cell Therapy included all diseases and degenerative processes associated with malfunction of organs (f.e. the variety of lung, heart, circulatory system, stomach, colon, liver, kidney, joints and spine disorders.) The diseases and weaknesses of the internal endocrine glands are also slightly influenced by this therapy. Cell treatment has very good reputation in combating the lack of activity and vitality, fatigue and lowered resistance of infections, exogenous depression and premature aging. 

Thus, it is also a preventive measure against serious degenerative diseases such as heart and the rest of the circulatory system, and even cancer, the scourge of mankind. 

Cell therapy is effective both in young and elderly patients. Already at this point, we can answer the question of our sub-theme: The results of Cell Therapy are reality and not illusion.