Indications for Cell Therapy


The correct indications are essential for the success of cell therapy. The indication groups have been noticed throughout the years cell therapy has a proven track record on those:


I. Hypo-function of The Glands with Internal Secretion


II. Chronic Degenerative Disease of The Supporting And Vascular Musculoskeletal System


III. Degenerative Organ Disease


IV. Premature Aging With Vitality Loss


V. Youth Revitalization

The revitalizing effects after cell injections is an confirmed documented phenomenon. Revitalization refers to the restoration of a normal, age-appropriate functioning of the whole organism. The effects include improvement of the blood circulation to the skin, better mental and physical performance as well as mood improvement. This important effects of cell therapy has been evidenced in different experimental protocols.


VI. Cancer

The cell therapy results with cancer patients have been spectacular. One patient who came to Landsberger's clinic with metastases in the spine due to breast cancer was still alive and cancer-free 12 years after treatment with Umbilical cord Lyophilized cell injections.