Cell Therapy Programme

A preliminary investigation is required to determine whether the patient for cell therapy is appropriate and to rule out inflammatory processes. So any cell therapy treatment will be executed according to individual ’s demand ; therefore, a Preliminary Medical examination and Health Questionaire will be requested 2 months before the treatment.

Treatment Arrangement

A clinic stay is required for cell therapy.

Day 1


Depart for Frankfurt airport, Germany

Day 2


Arrive at Frankfurt International Airport. Clinic check-in in the morning . Check up and consultation with the doctor. Clinic examination . Receiving preliminary         injection phase I (Detox protocol )in the morning.Overnight in clinic

Day 3


Receiving preliminary injection phase II (Detox protocol )in the morning.Overnight in clinic .

Day 4


Receiving preliminary injection phase III (Detox protocol) and receiving Cell Therapy Treatment (Lyophilized Cell injections) in the morning. Massage   in the afternoon.   Overnight in clinic.

Day 5


Receiving post treatment infusion in the morning. Overnight in clinic.

Day 6


Final medical check-up and post therapy infusion in the morning.   Leave for Frankfurt city in the afternoon.

Day 7


 Arriving Frankfurt airport.