Result and Reaction


Injected organ cells acts as active mechanism, and is divided into three phases :


First Phase: Injection period

The first phase is noticeable immediately after the injection. The soluble ingredients from the cells immediately migrate from the mesenchyme to the blood and this is often the cause of short term improvement in the overall vitality.


Second Phase: Transition Period

After a few hours or days this phase 1 comes to an end and the treated organism enters into the stage of immunological reactions. This reaction phase can last up to approximately 14 days after the cell injection. Some patients who enter the beginning of this period indicate that they feel strengthened. It often leads to increased urinary excretion. These phenomena occur, but certainly not in all cases.


Third Phase: Repairing Period

The third and final phase of the cell therapy is the regeneration stage. It begins in the 3rd or 4th Week and lasts 4 to 6 months after injection. The revitalization is noticeable in many cases with a better blood circulation in the skin, with the disappearance of skin wrinkles and an improved overall mental and physical performance. The cell therapy prolongs its benefits between 6 months to several years on.