Dr. Paul Niehans Labortaories

Prof. Dr. Paul Niehans established in Germany the world's most prestigious "Cellular R&D Center". For many years his medical research and development team, along with Niehans, are committed to promotion of Cell Therapy. With the teams' outstanding medical and trained skills, along with decades of efforts, the R&D center is now the leader of the world in developing Cellular products. 

Our Laboratories are ISO 9001 and GMP certified, enjoying state-of-the art technology and equipment. Our facilities process a wide range of sheep fetal cellular extract products. R&D, cell separation process, lyophilized cell and Ultra-Filtrate production are all centralized in a unique location and under sterilized conditions to ensure the highest standard of quality control. 

No chemical or pharmacological substances are added during the extraction process of organ tissues. There is also no denaturation of the cell material during sterilization as sterility is achieved through the production I n clean room conditions. Controls are very constraining and end with a final sterility test.





The therapeutic material:

Sheep embryo Cell Therapy is a type of pure, safe and Natural biomedical therapy. These young and lively cells, after decomposition, will produce highly active substances and reach target organs through self-recognition function. The sheep embryo cell will repair and replace aging cells, rebuild aging tissue, makes the body restore vitality & health. 

Donor animals come from a well identified and veterinary supervised herd (most of them female). They are kept in a strict quarantine for six weeks prior to their utilization. In accordance with the recommendations of the Germany Federal Health Ministry, the herd renewal has been restricted for more than 40 Years from the original female line to exclude all risk of BSE.


Sheep organs  are 95% similar to human.  In cell therapy the organs of sheep are taken out from the womb in the final stage of their respective development. Fetal cells are easy to sterilize and are better tolerated by the receiver because of their low allergenic properties. The fetus in the womb has even yet not developed its own immune activity. Sheep organs a resimilar to human. Sheep also do not have infectious disease and cancer.