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Dr. Paul Niehans Laboratories Health Center, Germany

Dr. Paul Niehans Laboratories Health Center located in the small town less than one hour from Frankfurt International Airport, in the beautiful Rhein region. The Health Center both inherits Prof. Dr. Paul Niehans’ Cell therapy medical and spiritual legacy, as well as Prof. Dr. Landsberger’s modern Cell therapy advances (i.e. a combination of Cell Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy). We offer Health treatments that are tailor made to the need of each individual.

Lyophilized Cell Injection

The lyophilized cell treatment should be considered as an advance in medicine, for it helps with many conditions in which drug therapy failed to meet its goal. Thought it might not be a remedy to everything, the healing rate of this method is very high. The therapy with lyophilized cells can be considered a standard treatment over which additional healing measures can be implemented. Revitalizatio effect after lyophilized cell injections is an amply documented phenomenon. Revitalization refers to the restoration of a normal, age-appropriate functioning of the whole organism. The important effect of cell therapy has been evidenced in different experimental protocols.


A Paul Niehans Laboratories alternative to injectable vials is now available under the form of an oral ingestion of a cell preparation that is defined as “ Bio-Activ-Ultra- filtrates(BAUF)® “ are extracts from fetal or juvenile tissues, whose molecular limit is determined by the filter pore size. Cell therapy opens a new dimension to standard medicine, recording spectacular results in the treatment of a wide range of chronical diseases. Ultra-Filtrates are used as a complementary treatment to cell injections or as a cell therapy of its own, bringing the therapeutic therapy benefits to every home.

Eternal Youth

Dr. Paul Niehans Laboratories Anti-aging Center Invite You to Enjoy A Healthy Youth Trip in Germany
Customize Your Personal Anti-aging Treatments, Experience The Miracle of Rejuvenation !


Amazing Results

Inherit Prof. Dr. Paul Niehans’ Cell therapy medical legacy
Professional Medical Team & High-tech Facilities Laboratories
Offering the World Top Quality of Cell Therapy Products


Paul Niehans Medical SPA


Paul Niehans Medical SPA provides optimum approach to individualized skincare programme of patient . The fundamental discovery of Paul Niehans was to show that a young cell could transmit its energy to an ageing cell, thus resulting in a revitalisation and extension of its biological cycle. The cellular revitalisation treatments of Professor Paul Niehans applied to skin care routine allow spectacular results.